About Us

A bit nosey, are we? Well, you clicked “About Us”, so I guess you want to know what this all about.

Fine… If you insist.

As of November 16th of 2016, The Ash Holes is a radio podcast that airs LIVE every Wednesday afternoon from 4-5pm thats available on YouTube, iTunes, Podbean and Facebook. Their topic of discussion is cigars, so that’s mainly what they talk about. They also touch upon happenings in the industry and other topics that may or may not be related to cigars. It depends on how the conversation is going. This is an unscripted show, so anything could happen and it should be entertaining. Hopefully.

The Ash Holes is hosted by 3 men and a lady who really enjoy cigars and the culture around them. Their names are Aaron Noonan, Ed Sullivan, Michael DiMare and Jessica Furnari. Each one of them has worked in and out of the cigar industry for years and use those experiences to turn it into something that resembles an hour-long show reviewing cigars for you, their viewers.

So bust out your torches, kick your feet up, and get lit with The Ash Holes.