Hightower by Jose Dominguez Cigar Review

His factory makes cigars for many different companies, but often over-looked is his own line Jose Dominguez. Today we catch up with the man, the myth and the legend as we smoke a cigar that is unique in so many ways. The packaging looks like a sneaker box, the cigar sizes match up with the cigar prices (before any local taxes), and in lieu of a band, the name of the brand and its logo are laser etched right into the wrapper. Join us as we storm the caste and fire up Hightower. It’s a cigar that everyone will be talking about before long.

Be an Ash Hole by joining the Ash Holes as we share our thoughts on the burn, taste and aroma before we close up the show with a rating from each of our hosts as we give a final score. Along the way we will have all the craziness of The Ash Holes including a T5 list from our friends at 55 Cigars.

As always, the cigars featured on The Ash Holes can be found at http://www.2guyscigars.com/.

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