El Tallo Cigar Revew

Today, Oliver Nivaud reappears on The Ashholes. Oliver has been busy with United Cigar but stops in to have us sample El Tallo. El Tallo, translates as the stem. The cigar is true to its name given that the filler is comprised completely of stems.

The cigar comes in a single size – 6×50. It has a Sumatran binder and Ecuadorian wrapper. As for the stems, they come from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and the USA. The cigar is produced at Jose Dominguez at the Tabacalera Magia Cubana factory.

Be an Ash Hole by joining the Ash Holes as we share our thoughts on the burn, taste and aroma before we close up the show with a rating from each of our hosts as we give a final score. Along the way we will have all the craziness of The Ash Holes including a Top 5 list from our friends at 55 Cigars.

As always, the cigars featured on The Ash Holes can be found at http://www.2guyscigars.com/.

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