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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
Smoking In The Boys Room With JR Dominguez

Smoking In The Boys Room With JR Dominguez

Be First!

Let’s face it for the most part a cigar lounge is full of men, so smoking in the boy’s room with JR Dominguez seems like a good title. Especially once you consider he will be joining us live on stage as we fire up a Recluse in the first half hour and a Jose Dominguez in the second half hour.

Still think the show title is a stretch? Well maybe our Ash Hole of the week will change your mind as Dan share with you a pretty crappy situation.

We will go Miles with Style and share our thoughts on a couple of thoughts, live from Studio 21 Podcast Cafe on the United Podcast Network.

As always you canĀ find this cigar and many of the cigars we talk about on